Radical Islam—as if

"3-dimensional represenations of a 4-dimensional thing"

                     could re-transform           

              with diction of vengeance
the materials
                    of a hologram
                                         in the city of bloody lips

Legible sensories malfunction
     a single fleck     plume of perfume     breathy bows

of a blooming unalterable impartiality

        on a day like today

The ice in the water has melted
         I drink to you    
             with "trammels of precision"

like a televised war

The windows disappear
                     into the doors       bad philosophy
anatomical into spaces that are quite economical

    You make me feel Radical

If ever there was a place
                             in need of more comedy

this is the time

I will write the Afterword later

    I walked past a graveyard whistling a melody

A group of ghosts perched upon a gravestone "booed" me

Just call me Boris Karloff
                           as I walk past your residence

as loathsome as a crippled carriage    as slow as a Mummy

A bamboozled child screams for his mommy
                   dropping his   iPod   iPad   earbuds   cell phone

I wait for you to notice       Maybe you heard

the horror of the child         but suddenly

I notice that the light in your home

loses its sunshine

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