To build a Time Machine          then kick the dirt
in another generation         
                    Then build another
Time Machine in that time    Time within time?

            Forever wanting to be
Where Silence is      & I mean peace          I’m there
In my mind where there is no loss of speech
        No status to gain in the rancid detergent
                    of the world
That which ignites the quiet earth
of our sojourns
                Like a “soundless explosion
in the middle of the ocean
pushing fossils to the forefront

To build a Time Machine       bending the air
Like a gift            Summery shield in my eyes
Hidden from the spirit realm

I could accept silence         stuck between stone
No ears to hear?
            Like a funeral without a body
            An unreachable piñata

To accept the silence of impunity
        Is to shake the dew

From the roses in the cool of the morning
As if a former love had left them there

To fiddle with your hope
        To savor those blessed memories

In a silence             that’s like poison
in the belly of a cruel king


In one wholly memorable symbol
What is sound-proofed is let loose
& it happened (imaginative claps of thunder):

In what could be eponymous
as                 A Famous Occasion:

My sisters are minding their own business
& Id rather be talking
             into a wastebasket
Waiting for Godot      Rather be disrupting a train
of thought          

            Dear cold-blooded goblins:

Why are you both so credulous & critical?
I live in a love           conscientiously aimed
Unwrangled like a Ruth & Boaz-like enrapturing

            Within the Eternal        my spirit
is clothed in colored light            like Adam & Eve
before The Fall         In my ears I hear

The sun   moon   stars   birds & Nature of all
like celestial strings radiantly arranging tunes
of unprecedented awe

Both of your criticisms are inner-miseries

        To S. :     Our father comes around

                    flaunting his            
                    illegal money        
Yet he's your "hero"?

To be beyond criticism          I deduce as ignorance
Mere folly          
                I go hup-two-three-fouring
along my own dreamy walkabouts     Why not
stay focused on your own?         


Somewhere there is a feather stuck in one’s nose
what I mean is that                Spring has arrived

& amidst all of this color
        there are bird droppings
                on vehicles in heaps

& the skies are clear
        except for pollination
                & spores & armed blue jays
ready to attack

& all the peoples of the earth seem to be
                                on the edge

& maybe what they need is to be
tickled with a feather

(Late March 2012)