Belonging to a picture of noun-effacements        Wanting renaissance signage
in the history’s blacken soil         Itching-ear’d dog-ear’d ’’evangelists‘‘
in blue movies            Syntaxes of space with excesses           lists
                                                       (worm-eaten anxieties)

                Something surefire distorted in the bearingness of Being
Difficulty admires the crowded O’s of a hole’s loose information   

I dream whole suns of mathematics in the sums of Earth’s transit      Hassling
with one-sided conversations    is like
       a frustrated hushed-up hush-puppy-eye’d Vice President        Death
is a silent breath: inhaling asbestos dust that flogs the air-passages

       My Autobiography will be understood only in multiple assessments
An open tribute to heighten the echo of my Timeline’s thick fixated alphabet

Go on    lead me to the pretty red ribbon-tied box where a bomb
audaciously awaits my arrival the way I’ve waited for your light
to decrease me            Transport me back to the arc
of the rainbow             Look at me the way love looks at me

like eyes moving quickly over herringbone          A sequence of appearances           
threadbare            Bare but not nearly naked enough
like the universe’s body as a bear
                            becoming as obsolete as a speck of fur-dust


I recall the highway
when I’m lonely.

The two lines in the middle
are you & I
breaking off into
unrefined perforations.

I watch as the lines disappear
in the rain puddles

as I repeat a line
that you wrote to me
in your final letter:

I will use your love for me
to love better.

Forgetting you
would be the death of me.