We met for the first time.
Then, the horizon was wholly changed.

Holy. Re-arranged.
Not only externally, but deeper within me.

Now, my perceptions have changed:
I see clearly in every direction;

my vision having become panoramic...

I am unable to see myself in the mirror
because I have become the mirror.



One must submit one’s head, flashing aflame.
A box of matches tucked away;
     just one of them is exceedingly brilliant.

Today’s daylight is used differently
      so there are absolutely no real vampires left.

I should be human if I could see it well.
Red Riding in the heart.
Slightly more satisfying than finding a shoreline.

Someone must have given birth to these interceptions.

I’m a camera in a furnace.
I’ve been trying to explain color to a dent in the sun.
I write at the pulse-points of light
     when I inhale the world, as if I should be in an exhibition
     at sea on a moonless night
     becoming a piece of the atmosphere.

There should be a Global Takeover by Ghosts.

One must have eyes like yesterday:
     & out of a black hole, the mind.