Oceanic spume    lit
by your eyes        glistens
like thick snow in sunlight
    Blinding    Buying time
    Burying rhymes in a
nearby park     a poet's voice
blows in the Autumn wind
throughout the pasturage
    Flintlocked tongue  
    Benjamin Britten spliffs
of ear-gate melodies
My hopes are high      (a blank
webpage appears
in front of my eyes
says "Page introuvable"
    My purpose is to dogmatise
the rules of translation
    "Ride out" like Don Quixote
& howl like a coyote
    Face like a butcher's block
    My love for you was once
against the stones of grave irony
fossilized like losing one's
sense of color     like looking at
a rainbow & mistaking it for
hollow piping     A poem to
stretch to infinity    shrunken down
into "a drop of water
from the belly of a sturgeon"   
    It's mid-September   
celestial sparks of memory    
         the heat still rages
& burns my voice
before I utter a word



Science moves to the back-burner
as arctic crystals maneuver
achingly into vast ocean-snooze 
    Blood pressure       Heartbeat rising
while standing in front of famous paintings
    Intensest spell      
    Too many people with half-disciplined eye     
but aye   Genre dissipates   
& that would be a great quote to have cut
on my tombstone       Where can I buy an
authentication key for my wow?
    "War helps us to love more" is a lie   
    Mel(waukee) & I comment'd
about berries in bowls   
¹she remark'd of a wine-drunk bird
singing to the face of the moon   
²she would rather be a bee
than a withering huckleberry
    Me   like a cannonball buzzing fleets  
    Should the wise ask for reasons?
    One thing for certain
is that all things appear primitive
to those that are busy nursing their
selfish desires with fever'd visions
    Noggin noise       smug       a sighting
of cabbage      or wait    no    that is
that is someone holding ambergris
    Sympatique daydreaming
developing like a ripe film negative

¹in a birdcage by the bowl of huckleberries ("a crashing like Hiroshima Day").

²honey from blood ("a vampire bee, especially").