We're focused on old-fashioned emotion
a goop stitched into time

A photograph with a second chance

Everything is a winded larvae
breathing the way an audience never lasts

Imagine light where light ages
where it loses its function

Mousetrap-like shadow that is interfaced
as Default

Imagine it depriving you
of walking down a street during midday
walking your pet
walking yourself into a sweat

Do streetlights spy

Do streetlights inhale deeply the way that I do
when I make a mistake

Today's world is a tiny drop
you turn to give it a taste
but before it touches the edge of your mouth
it freezes

Carnifex of a fully tooled “apeiron”

A faceless guest

Ancient philosophy like Anaximander
still carving a "situation" into modern mud
with accurate details

Detail is a detached commentator on a television
engaged in nonsensical sentences
that are sensical to those that
balance between the credits

Let's construct a new speech

If only our tongues could be ripped out
to grow back again
to have an entirely different infrastructure
for speaking
for sound
a lizard's tail that needs no burial

Every second in time gives birth to memory

The eye: inward holograms

The "eye": paper

The wound must often be wiped

Suttering or stammering

Our hands are beginner's hands
laborious & voluminous

Everything that I do is modest

Soon we'll be beekeepers
the nest will cave inward in a hypnotic diction
like the mesmerizing eyes
of a young Berber woman

With a craned neck
forward & absolute

She threatens him with a particular music
but I feel it must be her voice from beyond
that shifts his drummin(g)ears

like sitting next to a campfire
& wondering which direction
the rabid animal may attack you from