The man in the dream said,

                            "Let's go find 
                               the silver of the beach."

                                        So we appeared there 
& saw fragmented banks 
          of rock-formations
                         several feet underneath 
the ocean,

                   but agreeable for discernment;

silver-linings on top of them 
                   shining like 

                                      metallic fish-scales.
Unwritten dreams 

                   from different interpretations
of raw data. 

The coynage of conforming 
                             that old storye   
                                      into a meer romance. 

I write letters
                    to no one             (meaning that I do)
but while writing these letters, 
                 a face always appears 

on the paper (without a mouth) 
                       with voice-over commentary, saying: 

"Your eyes are like the flawless seas. 
                               May I Supersize them?" 

"Yes," I say,
             "as long you come out from behind  
the white curtain 
              & be my personal pantomime." 

The dinosaur in my dream 
              could have been my            eye-muscles 
dancing during sleep,

or if I were The Time Traveller,
               wholly mysterious, 

this triceratops would have had 
                   gaping jaws & wings. 

I want to find that beach, 
                   that shore-line of foam,

                                      like the Holy Ghost 
                             burning itself
                  into my spirit.

A great leap! to burn one's lips 
              on the joints of an image.

                                      I want to venture to this beach
                           & allow a rough draft of wind
           to dash right through me to the heart,

to calm the sores with the boldest
                  hands, quicken my blood. 

To be able to live in a dream 
                                  for a time or two

                                 as if I were the same person in doubles;
                  doubled in two, 

into "I" & "you," 

where "We" becomes 
                   a blooming first-born.

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