Grist mill    lithographs    embonpoints faking the fat
"like a diet"     I saw you dreaming just like me

    Can you come into my room for a moment
    Don't worry      I won't bite     I want to

enhance your appearance       enliven your
chance of disappearance     as if this were

    as complex as a Gaussian process
blinking with full attention       Yes      I feel v. silly

It may seem posh enough    Anonymity of grey
must come with a domain for aerobic digesting of white

like a district court's analysis about how a pig
turns into a pig   (not pink)    Originality is originless       

Sleet before the harsh snow    now    is tomorrow
because someone ahead of time is trimming

away "the" clock       There's nothing left
to photograph         Too many clavicles      much

of the same subjectory           a  cut  copy  paste
re-arrange    borrow    

                Every camera-eye
                               have the glow
             of Tapetum lucidum

                               The pictures of the winds     

I bit my tongue        Nosferatu moaned

notwithstanding with cheeks         distended

Richard Strauss melodies in my airy allegro
tonight          Tehran is pushing Hizballah hard
to attack Israel           

Oddly enough (or a routine passes my life)
what of the dire to puncture a hair dryer
    What of

to push me hard     to tear me into     layered strips
like a wax museum sculpture holding back laughter

Oval light illuminating the ceiling          (in a funk
I searched for Horror Monster trading card #45    

for my uncle         (unfound               
            The calender lacks character          (rages

Daily life       my life       reflecting its Privilege

The windows seem to be echoing tempers
of Yeatsian echoes     I respond like a Grand Pianist

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