After the rain, I was told to be
a maker of vases, longing for a sacrilege
to mold into scientific self-pity.

Reigning in the mortal mind,
ciphering strips scripts to abbreviate
the feuilletons in the skull.

It’s possible, one thinks,
that not to succumb to word-happiness
is like some short-lived Commemorative stamp,

born into a world where
“you put my constellation up” (A. Mlinko),
poster-boarded poster boy for

a mouthful of tacks, biblical behemoth
alignment, so beautifully-ancient, I mean.
I meant to say, even when our tiniest conversation

produces pleasure, or agony?, my fingers
tightly clutch like the way the body tends to tense-up
& where I’m found is
just there like a treetop

or in some stray line of poetry, undefined,
like a clumsy instrument
where all the theories exhaust our lack of admiration.

Does the Zenith have a zenith? A top? Spinning?
I flee like some French fleet, swift feet
the parrot-chatter published daily

when I look at myself in the mirror
tells me that I’ve accepted delirium
as the feathery-hide of an uncooked goose.

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