[Yesterday-bots to the unassuming normals]

Yesterday-bots to the unassuming normals
lost track but birds are all weather-patterns
right through where we stood before hitting
the wall in the wrong direction, or in short

sentences uttered by streets full of angry people.
I watched videos of Syrian executions & I wept
the populace of a flood that now seems to be
plumping-up the land. I’m in some kind of

irrelevant crawlspace. Your memory cannot
save you (“a glaring deficiency”). I’m not fooled
by the thistles of riddles. When you told me
of your monstrous darkside, Oh snap! I became

a mannequin with real eyeballs, while you
laid there, convinced of my blatant blankness,
voidoid, persona non blogga, primping,
telling me of how you wanted to wear lingerie

(to be a Sphinx of our coming-of-age) to satisfy me
until my body bled out, not of blood, but with
“something bigger,” but it was far too much
for me to handle, so we parted; we parted forever.

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