Dark secrets live and breathe
behind every door.
Staggered like a dagger, in pass.
What I am is full of crass.
Cheeks gleam like ovens,
sweat pours out of canyon pores
From fresh-faced lovers
with impressively-passive sass.


I am frolicking amongst 
the metropolitan coral reef.
Youthful concrete scenes
still taunts at my bedside table.
Happy is the one that dreams
where the moonlight beams?
An envious Tooth Fairy
thinks that all of this a fable.


Look at the Greek gods
wearing colorful, itchy sweaters.
The Greenhouse Effect is retained
in their invisible bodies.
Honey, you are as soft
as the silkiest of feathers
But your zipper is down...
a purposeful tease to be naughty?


Urban Dictionary diction
buckles my succulent vocals.
Deft fingers like microdots
in a spot in the ocean.
Odessa on the map, are we merely
the yokel locals?
Some fears ago, our boats sailed
together with devotion.


Sergeant Gerheim in my ear?
Bacteria inside cells.
Miracles, like watching a serpent
jumping over walls.
If you see me again, I want you to
ring all of my bells,
Sail all of my sails, but please
do not be appalled:


Because roses aren’t really red.
Because rosaries are alive & breast-fed?
Because Art spied on color
& braced itself for innovation.
Because what remains is our raw imaginations,
colorblind, I said
Like Color waiting on its imminent
monochrome decapitation.


Me oh my of my eye jumping through
all of these hurdles.
Think not like the bungee jumper
thinking of a weak rope.
I’m preyed upon, prayed upon,
like giant sea turtles.
Why are you so difficult to reach?
she said (thinking there’s hope).


Watch closely towards
the belltower before midnight strikes.
I’ll be there, eating GMOs,
but nothing will ever faze me.
She said, I’ll watch from a forest
full of towering pikes
Because we’re in the perfect Age
to drive one another crazy.

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